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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Terpy Shit "Teebs - Ardour"


Track list:
1. You’ve Changed
2. Bound Ball
3. Double Fifths
4. While You Doooo
5. Moments
6. Burner
7. Wind Loop
8. Lakeshore Ave.
9. Arthur’s Birds
10. Gordon
11. Bern Rhythm
12. Felt Tip
13. King Bathtub
14 My Whole Life
15 Long Distance ft. Gaby Hernandez
16 Why Like This
17 Humming Birds
18 Autumn Antique

Wow what an incredibly trippy album.All the songs are amazingly intricate trip-hop works of art, is an ambient yet rhythmic, behind the beat masterpiece. All the artists coming out of that underground, LA, glitchy, instrumental scene have begun to adopt this style. One of the most notable artists pioneering this genre is Flying Lotus, whose style many have begun to emulate. This album however is very original, and Teebs definitely brings something unique and trippy on this release.

Teebs' Myspace


  1. who else agrees that while making or at least brainstorming about this album, they were on acid?

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  3. I like flying lotus, but i'm not sure if I can get into Teebs. Are they similar?

  4. I would doenload this man, but my speeds to slow.
    Great share tho!

  5. Love this album. Pretty nice to listen to while drinking.

  6. mmm thats some badass shit right there.

  7. had never clicked til i saw this.. nice stuff though, bit trippy